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For professional growing

The LIA 750 Watt fixture is manufactured with a superior reflector. In combination with a bright LIA 750 Watt of Philips 750 Watt lamp this fixture offers you a optimum PAR output per Watt.  

By using a completely different production process and high quality materials, our reflectors get their high reflection capacity. Lights Interaction Agro’s patented reflectors have a yield of 92%, measured in a laboraty certified by British Standardisation Institute. The µmol-values achieved by luminaires with these reflectors are in average 10% higher than by conventional luminaires.

We design and build fixtures that are low in energy use and have a long life span. To get the best out of your fixtures we advice you to use a lamp that is specially designed for horticultural use.

For your fixtures we suggest you to choose one of the lamp/driver combinations below:

  • LIA 750 Watt lamp + LIA driver
  • Philips 750 Watt lamp + Philips driver

Guaranty service
As we have chosen the best materials for our fixtures and reflectors, we offer you a one year guaranty. Of course we can offer you extra years of guaranty up to 4 years.  Please ask your dealer for details.

Our guaranty is valid on the fixture, reflector, lamp and driver. For the lamps and drivers we work with a maximum of 10.000 burning hours. These hours can be proved by computer data. Your dealer will take care of repairs within the guaranty terms and conditions. Please find the terms and conditions for download here.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications 750 Watt


Do you want to know more about our fixtures, bulbs or drivers? Please contact one of our dealers, you will find the addresses above. Our dealers can tell you everything about the light output that will be suitable for your greenhouse.

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